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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Underwater world - and water restored aboard Maunie

Yesterday saw us join a dive trip out to Kicker Rock. Graham joined a divemaster plus three others for the dives whilst Dianne was with twelve people snorkelling along with a guide. Now you'll all be feeling sorry for us, we're sure, when we tell you that the water around Galapagos is much colder than we're used to because of the effect of the Humboldt Current; as a result we wore wet suits!

Before we even jumped in the water at the first site along the coast we were treated to the spectacle of male Frigate birds performing their mating display, ballooning their bright red throats- very impressive. Alongside them were Blue Footed Boobies.

Underwater, the sea life was just as impressive, especially for Dianne and the other snorkellers who were able to list turtles, manta rays, Galapagos, Black Tip and Hammerhead Sharks, as well as mother and pup sea lions swimming with them. Graham's dive was successful but not quite as full of sea life. However, he did capture some video of turtles and brightly coloured fish. Next time, the Go Pro camera will be carried by Dianne with her snorkel.

This morning was spent aboard with Graham dismantling the watermaker (no easy job) to find why it kept tripping out. With the excellent support from Jim McDonald, the Schenker agent based in Weston Super Mare, the parts kit and one of the interdental tools kindly provided by Becky Armer, we are happy to report that the watermaker is now working again.

 The disassembled watermaker with a bewildering array of o-rings
The re-built machine

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