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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Day 15 and a nice photo

Our position as at 20.00 GMT, Saturday 25th May:
07 degrees 59 minutes south, 125 degrees 45 minutes west
Distance run in last 24 hours: 156nm
Well, the wind may be doing a steady disappearance act but we were rewarded last night with a beautiful sunset as we ate our Thai fish curry (very tasty). At the start of the night Stormvogel were just ahead of us, after we'd rolled away the foresail for a couple of hours (we'd been slowly leaving them during the day); during the night however, with us back to full rig, they steadily left us (how did that happen?). Anyway, this stirred us into action after breakfast and we hoisted the Parasailor using, for the very first time, two spinnaker poles; the result is a rock-steady sail as we head dead down wind and Maunie's catching up nicely with very little rolling.
We both had trouble keeping awake on our night watches, though the view on deck was lovely with a nearly full moon lighting our way. Dianne says she started singing Oliver! songs in the cockpit (other musicals are available) whilst Graham reverted to his phone's timer giving a melodious bust of harp music every 15 minutes to keep him from dozing. However even off watch he's obviously still dreaming about the sailing as he suddenly got up having clearly heard Dianne shout his name for help only to find her calmly sitting in the cockpit having done no such thing.
As we write we have 770 miles still to go. At current speed that would take just under 5 days but who knows how much extra time the calms ahead will add. This journey seems a lot longer than the Atlantic crossing but we guess that with just two of us aboard there are fewer entertainments and conversations to be had; we haven't even had a film night yet. By the way, Fergus emailed us to say that one of his photos taken from the masthead on the ARC features in the latest World Cruising Club magazine 'Latitudes' so Maunie's fame continues to spread. So we'll just keep counting down the miles and enjoying the lovely sailing whilst we can.

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