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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Photo of the Pacific Swimming Club

Hopefully this photo will make it through the ether this time..
Day 20 – Thursday – hasn't started well. The breeze, such as it was, backed round to dead aft so we started rolling and the mainsail was flogging from side to side. We took it down this morning only to find one of the new and expensive batten cars fitted in Las Palmas has sheared in two – aargh! We have an old one as a spare but it's a tricky job to fit them – certainly not something we want to try at sea so we're hoping that the wind will fill today to allow us to hoist the Parasailor, leaving the mainsail stowed away.
Good news is that we have only about 24 hours to go but the relentless motoring (85 hours and counting!) has been a rotten way to finish this passage and we are both pretty fed up. At least we won't still be at sea on Monday as the forecast is talking about a 4-5m swell which would not be nice. Roll on Friday!

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