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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Day 19 - still motoring!

Our position as at 23.30 GMT, Wednesday 29th May:
09 degrees 52 minutes south, 134 degrees 55 minutes west
Distance run in last 24 hours: 125nm
Distance to go 220nm
Still no wind to speak of, though every now and then a light breeze allows the sails to reduce the load on the engine as Maunie plugs painfully slowly towards Fatu Hiva. Yesterday afternoon Graham pumped 45 litres of finest Galapagos diesel from jerry cans into the main tank; mindful of Stormvogel's blocked fuel filter, our filter funnel trapped various foreign bodies that would otherwise gone into the tank. One small 10 litre can had been delivered separately from our main fuel purchase and was a rather disconcerting shade of dark brown and when Graham, prompted by who knows what, tasted it on a finger it was very salty so it wasn't used. The process will be repeated this afternoon with another 40 litres from cans under the forward berth which we hope will be enough – surely we'll get some wind soon???
Tonight we'll cross the less-than-200 miles line which will be great and we can start thinking seriously about our landfall.  It would be fantastic to finish the passage on a high with the spinnaker flying so fingers are crossed.
We had an error message with yesterday's blog post so the photos we attached on the Pacific Swimming Club may not have worked. Just in case, we've re-posted one.

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