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Friday, 31 May 2013

Land Ho!

After  a day of purgatorial rolling in no wind, the breeze began to fill in last night and we managed to sail for about 10 hours; the relief from the constant sound of the engine was considerable! As dawn broke, the island of Fatu Hiva could be seen and what a dramatic sight it was; it rises from 2000m depth water and looks like a slightly green but very craggy Ayres Rock.
As we write we are sailing again, but rather slowly, and closing on the southern tip of the island. Once clear we'll motor up the western side to the anchorage in Baie Hanavave (also known as 'Bay of the Virgins') to try to find a good spot – we've just talked to another boat already there and they report that it's beautiful, sheltered but deep so they took about 3 attempts to get the anchor securely set.
The celebratory beer's already in the fridge!

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