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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bird life and organic coffee

The bird watching is pretty special around here. At sea we've seen lots of Pelicans (surprisingly elegant flyers in spite of looking like close cousins of the Pterodactyl) and Frigates.

On land we've seen Mockingbirds and Boobies and a Finch so yellow it's almost fluorescent (but too quick to capture on camera so far).

On the boat, meanwhile, we've had another feathered visitor. Yesterday morning Graham awoke early to see a small heron perched on the flagstaff. He crept slowly towards it, camera in hand, but in hindsight could probably have marched straight up to it whilst blowing a trumpet as it was completely unperturbed. These photos were taken from about a metre away from it.

The natural way of the island extends to the agriculture here too. In the middle of the 19th century land was cleared and turned over to farming so bananas, papaya and other fruits grow alongside some veg crops which are sold in the busy town market - everything is organic. There is also a thriving business here producing Galapagos organic coffee which is very good, though Peter's 'coffee with chocolate' at the internet cafe was perhaps a little more organic than he was expecting.

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