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Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Proper cruising weather at last

 Summer has finally arrived and our location is just spectacular. We are now near Mull - heading into the picturesque port of Tobermory this morning for provisions - and have loved the tranquility of some wild anchorages for the past few nights. We've had some fun sailing, too.

The 'Irish Flag' flying as we approached Tarbert last week. Photo: Adam Kerner

The Parasailor in action as we approached the Sound of Mull

For the past two nights we've been in Loch Na Droma Buidhe (popularly known as Loch Drambuie) which is a famous spot only a few miles from Tobermory. With a narrow entrance at its west side, it offers excellent shelter from all wind directions but is pretty deep so you have to find an anchorage spot fairly close to shore. Last night we had one of those perfect calms, with a beautiful sunset:

The narrow entrance, looking west

Bravo airing her spinnaker

This morning we'll head across to Tobermory on Mull for a much-needed re-stock of provisions and to refill the water tank before heading west out to the Outer Hebrides.

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