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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Maunie Crew Assembles

We are glad to report that the transatlantic crew is all present and correct. Richard and Fergus flew in yesterday from Gatwick with slightly overweight baggage (bringing a few important items for us!). It's great to have them aboard and they have had a busy first day.

Fergus was at Oxford with Graham and they sailed for the university team in Laser II dinghies. Later they chartered boats in Turkey together and he sailed with us on our last boat, Gentoo, and on Maunie before taking up the ARC challenge.  It's good to have Fergus' experience aboard - he's also very competitive so is eyeing the huge amount (and weight) of stores with some concern and is determined to eat as much as possible early to reduce boat weight, even at personal risk to hi waistline. 

Rich sailed on Graham's race boat 'The Daily Telegraph' in an eleven-day non stop race around Britain and Ireland and has sailed with us since. He's a very proficient helm and a  general enthusiast for sports of any kind and is finding the temperature her a bit of a shock. He normally works in the Milton Keynes snowdome providing ski training for additional-needs youngsters so finds anything more than 5 degrees centigrade a bit warm.

Both haven't had much time to see the sights yet - this morning we had our detailed Safety Inspection so Rich, as designated Safety Officer, spent a lot of time checking everything in advance. 

Our inspector congratulated us on having such a well-prepared boat, having found nothing amiss, so we were pleased. For the rest of the day we've had a mix of training seminars run by ARC and on-board briefings for the new crew - Di took them through the deck systems and safety and Graham covered below-decks.

Tonight we have a 'sundowner' drinks party and then the Crew Dinner so 

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  1. Best of Luck on the Atlantic crossing, will follow your progress on the Yellowbrick site with intrest. Enjoy Rodney Bay, almost jealous !!!
    Check, Check and Check again.
    Nic Johns