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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

In Las Palmas

We arrived yesterday evening after a fairly testing 55 mile sail in a Force 6 ( a close reach so we reefed down and bounced around in the swell). We posted ourselves into the tightest spot available in the marina and took on the new-to-us challenge of the 'slime line'; there are no finger pontoons off the main pontoon here so instead you pick up a wet and weedy mooring line that has an anchor 20m from the pontoon. You then work the boat in between neighbouring yachts and use the slime line to keep the bow from hitting the main pontoon (we elected to go 'bow-in' to keep the boat pointing into wind and to give the cockpit some privacy). The downside is that we have to climb aboard over the high bow so have rigged a step (a Fox's blue tub from Graham's first job in a biscuit factory in Batley) and a rope to make things easier.

The place is amazing and there are lots of seminars and parties so we must prioritise which we attend. As ever, there are boat jobs to do but we're working through them steadily and we met up with a few crews, including Stormvogel, Ooh-Jah and Indulgence, for a cheeky beer last night. Photos to follow!

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