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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sheltering from the rain

Yesterday's heavy rain finally cleared in the early evening and we had a lovely evening aboard the very racy J-122 'Oo Jar' with owners Peter and Chrisine and our other neighbours Peter and Penny who sail a very fine vintage Oyster. It was great to compare notes with two different boats and particularly as host Peter had sailed the ARC in 2002. Our evening was enlivened by a group of children from various boats coming round for 'Trick or Treat' ( with a nice twist - they gave us sweets!)

Today has been warm and muggy with little sun and a few sharp showers so we got on with various jobs on the list, including getting the sewing machine out to repair our blue ensign and club burgees - they were all distinctly frayed at the edges after the strong winds and one has to maintain standards. We treated ourselves to a light lunch at the yacht club and were delighted to find that a beer and a glass of wine came to 2.60 Euros.

Tomorrow threatens more heavy rain so we are planning to leave on Saturday. We'd like to spend a few nights at anchor ( it's free!) but have read various reports that the Tenerife police are moving non-Spanish yachts on, saying they can only stay in marinas. This sounds like an infringement of EC freedom of travel laws but these people carry guns so we guess you don't argue. We've tried a premptive email to the Tenerife port authority to seek permission to anchor so we'll see if that delivers a response (probably a police boat waiting for us!).

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