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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sitting out the rain in Garachico

The forecast promised another healthy dose of rain today and sure enough we got it! Plans to sail on to Santa Cruz were shelved so instead we spent a very productive morning updating our stowage plans, working through our recipes and doing a bit of useful revision on the medical skills.
By  the time you read this we'll have walked back into town for a coffee and wifi access, updated the forecasts and, al being well, will be set for an early morning departure. The first thirty miles will be beating to windward so we hope that the swell isn't too unfriendly!
Incidentally, we've discovered that a big harbour isn't anything really new here. In the 15th century a port was established here which became the biggest  trading centre on Tenerife, with the British holding a rather unpopular monopoly on wine exports. The big volcanic irruptions of 1706 destroyed it and the current town is built on the lava flows.

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