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Sunday, 11 November 2012


The culture shock from sleepy Garachico to the city of Santa Cruz is fairly extreme. Di announced that Garachico was probably her favourite place so far; the old town was enchanting and the garden in its centre really beautiful

Whilst we've been in the big city we did the Big Shop - a fun afternoon around Carrefour and El Cortes Ingles. The obliging taxi driver dropped us right at the top of the walkway down to the boat and so this morning's task was to remove excess packaging (remembering to mark items with indelible pen!) and load them into our 8 large plastic crates, whilst updating our stores list at the same time. We've tried our best to group products together so that we don't have to open every box each time we want to cook:

 The sorting process under way

 Items loaded into numbered boxes

Miraculously they all fit under the starboard pilothouse seat 
- and don't make the boat list too much to starboard!

The rest of the fresh food we'll buy in Las Palmas at the very last minute. We'll set off from here early in the morning - it's a 55 mile passage and we'd like to be there before dusk as finding our allocated space will be tricky and there could well be a queue of boats waiting to check in.


  1. We are taking a great interest in your splendid blog because we know you are not far away from our daughter and family in Rafiki, so we have a very good idea of what they have just been up to. Very impressed with your organisation, but maybe your booze locker has overflowed! Regards Tim Adams

  2. Good to be in regular contact with Rafiki and so pleased that you are following our blog. Sadly the booze locker has been filled in with food supplies!
    Regards Graham & Dianne

  3. Nice to see the Larios gin is easily accessible!No good trying to tuck it so that we cannot see the whole label!
    Have a Good One - all the Best from Alan & Janet