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Monday, 3 October 2016

Waiting for the wind

Once again, our departure plans have been changed due to the weather, but this time we aren't complaining. The Trade Winds, which normally blow at about 20 knots from the SE around here, have failed to turn up for work still, so a passage WSW towards Australia would be slow and frustrating over the next couple of days; Maunie's a heavy old girl and likes a bit of breeze up her skirts. So we'll wait until Thursday for the wind to pick up and send us on our way.

The bonus extra few days in Vanuatu are just that, a bonus. We've been able to do some lovely, gentle day-sails around the SE corner of Santo and the Irish Flag spinnaker has had some good airings.

We're currently anchored behind someone's very exclusive private island - a holiday home with some local housekeepers who check it daily as they fish the reef here.

The plan is to head into the Oyster Island anchorage once the tide has risen sufficiently for the 'chicane' pass and spend tomorrow completing the task of readying the boat before returning to Luganville of Wednesday to clear out ready for a Thursday departure. It looks as though we really will need to leave then as there's some potentially nasty weather approaching here at the weekend.

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  1. "Waiting for the wind" story of my life living with Ian!!