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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Chesterfield Reef Photos Part 1: Boat Maintenance in Paradise

Here are the first few photos of out time at the reef, more to come!

Our arrival in 22 knots of wind - this was inside the lagoon, which was far from calm!

The following day it all looked very much better - the moon appeared at about 3.00pm

The white sand in only 5 metres of water resulted in the most dazzling blue imaginable

Maunie anchored in the middle of the ocean
However enticing the water looked, we were determined to solve the leak into the forward heads so we spent all of the first day removing the old deck caulking and re-sealing it.

Cutting out the old caulking

Masking tape applied, ready for the new sealant.
That long job finally done, we were ready to take the dinghy ashore to a little island, only a few metres above sea level, to meet the wildlife:

Sea birds of many types wheeling around above the island
In the next installment we'll add photos of the nesting birds.... coming soon!

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  1. Hi, I just found your blog, because we are sailing from Noume to chesterfield in the next days. Than to Bunderburg Australia. Thanks for your wonderfoul pictures on your blog. We have a blog as well, if you are interested to have a look: www.weltumsegelung.blogspot.com
    Martina&Florian on SY Esperanza from Austria