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Friday, 7 October 2016

Day 3, more bouncing

Our log shows that we've covered 164 miles since 08.00 yesterday, which is a very good run for Maunie, averaging just a whisker under 7 knots. If we add the amount of distance we've travelled up and down the waves, it must be more like 200 miles!
Sea conditions continue to be a bit trying but we are getting used to them and managing to get some much-needed sleep off watch. There's not much else to report to be honest; the weather remains overcast but there is enough brightness getting through the cloud to provide a little charge from the solar panels. With the generator still out of action (one of the first jobs to be tackled in Bundaberg) we're running the engine for an hour at 06.00 to replenish the batteries from their night's drain and then the solar system is keeping them topped up during the day.
There are two boats, Amelie 4 and Muneera, which left Luganville the day before we did and they are also on course for Chesterfield Reef so it'll be useful for us to have some local knowledge when we arrive. Bruce and Laura on Pacific Hwy were here last year so have given us waypoints for the entrance and anchorage but it's still good to be able to radio someone already there for advice. The forecast still suggests that the wind will drop tomorrow so we are keeping up our speed now; if we arrive early we'll heave-to outside the reef and wait until first light on Monday to go in.

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