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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Chesterfield Reef Photos Part 3: Several Good Terns and some Noddies

More from our ornithological photo-shoots at the reef. It was clear that the birds had experienced very little if any interaction with humans so, as long as we moved carefully (and watching out for eggs underfoot!) they looked at us with curiosity but no fear.

The Sooty Terns nested on the sparse grass just behind the beach

Each had one, surprisingly large, egg and in the heat of the afternoon, the parent shielded it from the sun whilst panting to stay cool

The birds were close together, with no sign of any form of nests

In the air they are the most graceful of birds...

... and very aerodynamic
These sleek birds were not ones we knew. They rested in the bushes....

.. but nested on the ground. We this think they are Black Noddies 
Again, they were't disturbed by our presence

Whilst the chicks are pretty round and fluffy....

... the adults are very elegant, particularly in flight

One final batch of photos to come, folks - some hard-core turtle-on-turtle action plus sharks and crabs.

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  1. Dear Graham and Diane,
    Thanks for the staggeringly beautiful shots of good terns, massive boobies, etc.
    I follow your amazing progress avidly.
    Best wishes,
    Dick Ransley