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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Maunie Bounce - photos from a different perspective

It's always fantastic when someone gives you photos of your boat under sail as it's a view you seldom see for yourself. We always take pictures of other boats we meet at sea, in the hope we'll be able to pass them on to their crew, and we've been hugely fortunate to sail in company with some talented photographers. 

Peter on Stormvogel produced nearly all of the great photos we have of the Parasailor, Bev on Mersoleil got some nice shots of us in Fiji, Irene on Kiapa was responsible for the cracking photo on the home page of the blog and two photographers whose skills I'd love to be able to emulate, Adam on Bravo and Kerry on Sel Citron, have caught us in action this year.

Here are a few that Kerry took as we were beating against the wind to get down to Ambrym last week. We were actually motor-sailing the last couple of miles into the choppy sea so the yankee headsail was furled away but they give you an idea of the conditions as Maunie shoulder-charges the waves!

Dianne on the foredeck ready to flake down the staysail as it's lowered

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