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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Singing (and dancing) in the rain

The dancers at the Back to My Roots Festival
Yesterday was Day 2 of the traditional festival at Olal in the northern tip of Ambrym. The dancing and singing has been really powerful, thanks to a much bigger group of dancers than we had at the Fanla festival, and we've taken loads of photos and video. Unfortunately yesterday's programme as punctuated by rain showers so we were glad that we took our big Yeo Valley umbrella!
Overnight we had really heavy rain so Graham did the traditional naked deck dance to set up the water catcher system (blocking up the deck drains and putting a small dam in place to direct the water into the tank filler socket) and the main tank is nearly full. The forecast is for more showers today so we'll be suitably prepared for the grand finale of the festival – the Rom mask dance.

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