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Friday, 26 August 2016

Some Festival Photos

We've just done the SIM dance on Maunie and Digicel is giving us the faintest glimmer of internet so we'll have a go at adding a few photos from the past three days:

Carved tam-tams - slit drums which  make a deep booming call, traditionally to communicate news to the village
Many of the dances are performed in an inward-looking circle, with loud singing and the heavy beat of stamping feet. The item being carried by the chief in the centre of the photo is a small drum

Some of the dances, however, involved solos....

... plus a bit of audience intimidation......

..... and some colourful head dresses. The 77 year old High Chief watched them all and joined in.

Three of the elder ladies joined in

Invent your own caption!

The High Chief takes a rest. The boars' tusks and the carved staff slung over his right shoulder signify his status

The High Chief and is son-in-law, Chief Sekkor give support to the boy being initiated into the Rom dance

The audience watches, in the pouring rain

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