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Monday, 22 August 2016

Gentlemen don't go to windward!

Maunie rinsing her side decks 
Since we left Luganville, we've been working back against the SE trade winds to return to Ambrym. The reason for putting up with all the bouncing around is there's another traditional festival here this week, called 'Back to My Roots', which is supposed to be really good. There's quite a cluster of yachts here for the event so it's been a very sociable anchorage so far. We came on a two-stop strategy, at Ambae and Pentecost, with good anchorages in both in spite of wet and drizzly conditions; the weather has cleared now so we're back to warm sunshine. As ever, you can find out where all these places are on https://www.yit.nz/yacht/maunieofardwall
The Festival seems to be organised with military precision so there was quite a lot of confusion as to whether it begins today or tomorrow! Eventually it transpired that the start date would be tomorrow (Tuesday) so we spent today cleaning the boat and baking banana bread and doing a long coastal hike.
Unfortunately the internet here is terribly slow so we can't access the blog to post more photos and we are hoping that the photo attached to this update (which sent as an email) will make it. We'll update the blog with more info soon.

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  1. Ok you're getting delirious and repeating yourself now!!!