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Sunday, 4 October 2015

In Suva, after an almost perfect sail

We arrived in Suva yesterday after an almost perfect sail. We'd left Vunisea in Kadavu a couple of days before to sit out a very windy Friday in the lovely anchorage of Namara and that was a great, challenging beat into the wind. However, yesterday's departure was in sunshine with a 15-17 knot wind on the beam (ie blowing at right angles to our course to allow us to ease the sails and get Maunie really going well).

A few white ones over the bow

Making between 7 and 8 knots

We filmed a short, 3-minute  video of the sail and you can find it here:

The arrival into Suva was easy but quite a culture shock after the islands. However it's been fun to be here so far.
The shock of seeing the city after weeks out in the islands

Huge rafts of rusty fishing boats in the harbour
With impeccable (but entirely lucky) timing, Lionel and Irene from Kiapa and Kerry and Damian from Sel Citron had come over to Suva yesterday in a hire car to do the famous shark dive near Bega, just along the coast. We met in the Royal Suva Yacht Club for a beer, had a meal in the city in the evening and joined them at their very smart B&B this morning to watch the rugby.

At the start of the England vs Australia match
Apart from the result, it was really great to catch up with them all.

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