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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Heading (slowly) towards the bright lights

The weather forecast is looking better and we can see the sun! Quite windy but we've decided to head for Suva in two passages, the first today being about 32 miles up to Namara Island in the North Astrolabe Reef. We'll wait there on Friday (the day of the highest winds) and will hope to get some more snorkelling on the beautiful reef there before heading up to Suva (another 35 miles) on Saturday. Hopefully we'll be in the Royal Suva Yacht Club at 07.00 on Sunday to watch England beat Australia!!

A couple more photos from the anchorage in Vunisea:

A banded sea snake in the water next to the dinghy - they are extremely venomous but the oft-quoted (and perhaps erroneous) theory is that they can't open their jaws enough to bite a human.

The daily flight from Nadi comes in over the anchorage

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