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Friday, 30 October 2015

Looking back on the passage, with photos

After a very solid night's sleep we are beginning to feel a bit less bleary-eyed and have started to sort a few things out here. We're back to internet (approximately 4 times the price it was in Fiji via a mobile dongle) so have posted a few photos below.

Overall, the passage was successful in that we got here without damage and, mostly, in fairly comfortable conditions. However we motored for much longer than we wanted and found the final few days a tad stressful Thankfully the final day's great sailing put a smile on our faces.

The stats were:

Total Miles: 1231nm
Total time: 9 days, 7 hours, or 233 hours
Average speed: 5.3 knots (disappointing, we usually average closer to 6)
Total hours of the engine running: 117 hrs = 52% of the time!!!! Aargh!
Total fuel burned 365 litres.
Average consumption 3.1 litres per hour

If we'd elected to wait for another wind, however, it would have been another 8 days and we're not sure the window would have been any better. So, we're glad to be here.

A few photos, below:

Motoring on a glassy sea - an all-too regular occurrence

Great to have the Parasailor flying, but still gentle conditions

Just a great piece of kit - we love this sail
The tanker Victoire turns to help us

Syphoning diesel from the Victoire's container into the main tank under our berth 

This gauge got a lot of scrutiny !! When we arrived the needle was at the very bottom of the red sector
Our passenger clings on
The blog will go a little quiet for the next month but please do check it every now and then - we'll aim to do some kind of update once a week.

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