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Sunday, 25 August 2013

On Passage to Raratonga

Current position:
18 degrees, 58 minutes south
156 degrees 24 minutes west
Just a quick update. We left Maupiti (the pass through the reef fairly spectacular with huge breaking waves either side) on Friday morning and so far have made very good progress in near-perfect sailing conditions. We hoisted the Parasailor spinnaker 25 hours ago and it's still giving us good speed and a nice, relatively roll-free motion. Unfortunately the wind is forecast to drop away today and swing around the compass – when we started it was a southerly, then south-east and now it's north-east, due to go round to north-west by tonight so we're making the most of what we have.
We have an engineering challenge to deal with today. For some reason the main water pump isn't lifting drinking water from the main tank so Graham is about to go bilge-ratting to try to find the cause. Before we left we installed a small second tank against this very eventuality and we also have emergency supplies as well as the ability to fill jerry cans directly from the watermaker so it's a nuisance rather than a serious problem but the resolution may involve some grazed knuckles and bad words! We'll update progress tomorrow.
This aside, all's well though we're both still a bit sleep-deprived as usual for the start of a voyage.

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