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Friday, 23 August 2013

A video for shark fans

Graham's just got round to tidying up various video clips so he's edited together some footage of the Black Tipped Sharks which followed us around when we were snorkeling the gin-clear water in Kauehi atoll back in the Tuamotus Archipelago.

Click here to view it.

Tomorrow is our last day in French Polynesia (we'll leave at lunchtime) so we bid a fond farewell to the French Polynesian Franc:

Ten thousand francs is equivalent to about $90 US and the ATM's have a habit of just giving you one 10,000 F note if you ask for that amount - you can imagine how pleased the local shopkeepers are if you go in expecting change from it! Anyway tomorrow morning we'll go to the local village shop to try to spend our last few coins.

Our next hop is about 520 miles to Raratonga (where the currency, incidentally, is the New Zealand Dollar) so we hope to be there by Tuesday,

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