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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Making water again

We are delighted and relieved to report that our watermaker is back aboard and working. The service agent in Papeete, Gilles, was as good as his word and, as soon as he returned from holiday this week, fitted the new parts sent from the manufacturer in Italy and gave it a full test. He put it on an internal Ait Tahiti flight up to Bora Bora and we picked it up at the freight office in town yesterday morning – we were amused that the only address was "Graham and Dianne, Yacht Maunie" scrawled in large letters on the side of the box!
Anyway, as soon as it arrived we moved Maunie around to the east side of the island, though some very shallow boat passes, and anchored in 4m of water just off the hyper-expensive St Regis hotel (rooms are said to cost $1000 per night – our room has a better view for $0 per night!). Graham spent an hour re-installing the watermaker and we ran it for an hour or so and it seems that all is well. It was great that the fix, including air freight, was covered under warranty and we can move on again, confident that it'll work.
This morning Graham is going for a scuba dive, along with Matt & Charlotte from Gallinago so we hope to have some more photos and video to share once we return to somewhere with wifi (we've failed to guess the code for the St Regis Hotel wifi!).

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