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Friday, 15 February 2013

Tobago Cays - reef fish and turtles

'Gallinago' at anchor in Tobago Cays, the horseshoe reef in the distance
Well Tobago Cays have certainly lived up to their reputation. We've had crystal clear water, protected from the Atlantic swell by the Horseshoe Reef which surround them. The snorkelling has been fantastic – proper coral reefs that are teeming with brightly-coloured fish. It's a protected marine park so there's no fishing allowed which means that the wildlife is abundant and very tame. When we dived down to the reef (to maybe 3-4 metres depth) we could glide past shoals without them appearing in the slightest perturbed. Sadly there were no turtles in the prescribed spot this morning but this was more than made up for when a large turtle surfaced about 15 feet from the boat this afternoon.
Last night we had drinks aboard Gallinago with Matt and Charlotte and so, in recompense for drinking too much of their red wine, Graham climbed the mast today to take the photo of them at anchor.
We'll perhaps spend another day here before heading south to Union Island – a return to a bit more in the way of civilisation.


  1. Hi Graham & Dianne, I don't really know if this is the place to say "Hi" but......Hi, I hope you are both well. It's taken me a long time to message you but I thought I better do it.

    It looks as if you are both enjoying your exciting challenge and how well you are both looking, still it must be better than working for a living.

    As you know we have had some very cold weather here in the UK, and have had it worst in Somerset (even more in Kilve!) but we still carry on.

    It has got a bit warmer today (Sunday) so hopefully we can look forward to the spring.

    Well thats about it for now, and hopefully I won't leave it as long the next time to say hello.

    Take care, Paul (Postie).

    1. Hi Paul

      Lovely to hear from you and sorry to hear about the weather in Kilve! We heard about the many inches of snow so can only imagine what it was like getting up Sea Lane.

      It's great to know that you are following our progress.

      Best wishes from us both

      Graham & Dianne x