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Thursday, 22 September 2016

This is what the brochures promised!

We have moved up the coast of Espiritu Santo to an enchantingly beautiful bay at Port Olry. The sail up was enlivened by a good Parasailor session and about 15 Spinner Dolphins playing in our bow wave for about 20 minutes. We'll post a video of them when we next get some internet.
After several days of rather cloudy conditions we are now experiencing the sort of weather that they promise in the tourist brochures but somehow usually eludes us. The wind has dropped to only a few knots and the sun is really hot in a perfect blue sky; the shallow water of the anchorage is clear and bright turquoise and the beaches are the most perfect, fine sand  and almost blindingly white. Last night we had a beach BBQ with Damian and Kerry and watched the stars appear and the phosphorescence wash up on the beach. Magical.
The windless weather looks set to stay for the next few days, making thoughts of passages to Australia irrelevant, so it looks as though we'll just have to stay here and wait. Some hardship!

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