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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Amateur Sailmakers

We have mentioned before that one of the great things about this trip is the camaraderie that builds up between the crews of boats. We have made friends with some amazing people and we yachties share help whenever we can.

So last week we were sailing up the coast of Pentecost with Sel Citron when we saw their foresail suddenly come fluttering down. It transpired that the webbing loops at the head of the sail, through which the halyard shackle is connected, had blown out on a sail only two years old. Luckily we'd attended a very informative training session at a sail loft in Opua so had the material and knowledge to help make a repair, so we spent a day and a half aboard Sel Citron helping Damian and Kerry get the sail back into working order (with superb email support from sailmaker Roger Hall in Opua).

Starting the slow process of hand-sewing. Unfortunately the sail and webbing was just too thick for our Sailrite sewing machine

"When I nod my head, you hit it." Every stitch hole had to be made in advance and the needle pushed through with a sailmaker's palm and then pulled through with pliers. The hardwood board we are using to protect the table came from Fulaga, Fiji, during the canoe-building project with Damian and Kerry last year.
The job done!
A glass or two of wine to celebrate the result, looking over to Maunie as the sun set
Thanks to Kerry for these photos (and for all the motivational food & drink!).

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