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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Pentecost Photos

Here are a few photos from the past week:

Loltong anchorage, with Maunie and Sel Citron
Village Nakamal (meeting house) - this one a mix of traditional materials and some concrete posts
Inside the nakamal - preparing manioc (a starchy root vegetable) for 'lap-lap', the traditional Ni-Van food (ground manioc and coconut milk baked in an earth oven), whilst a bit of butchery goes on

Mary and friend weaving 

Three year old with bush knife - perfectly normal here!
Searching the reef at low tide for clams - fishing, gardening and cooking is a major part of the day for people here

A future meal

A nakamal under construction, utilising old and new timbers

The Loltong 'Yacht Club' set up by the enterprising Mathew and Mary

Mathew inside his Yacht Club

Di buys another bag from Mary

Another 'taster' course at the Yacht Club supper - with Kerry (Sel Citron) and Sarah, Micheal and Elizabeth (Field Trip)
Bwatnapne anchorage

Happy kids who followed us as we walked through the village

A game involving pushing coconut shells on the end of sticks. ????

A traditional Vanuatu building.....

... and a very nontraditional one! We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw this being built in a village that otherwise consists of wooden, thatched buildings. It the the dream of two Ni-Van brothers who own a lending society that now has 22 branches across the country. On the ground floor is a supermarket, just opened (we were the first foreigners to shop there), and there will be hotel rooms, a sports arena and a music venue.
Interesting technique to hold the shuttering in place whilst the concrete is poured to form the next wall..

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