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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Return of the Giant Condom - safe sailing on Maunie

On the Atlantic crossing, with Rich and Fergus aboard, we had the first experience of the Giant Condom but sadly no photographic evidence exists. However, on our passage south from Opua to Whangarei on Saturday we had a repeat performance and this time Dianne got some photos.

To explain - the spinnaker had a 'snuffer' sock which pulls down to encase the sail to make it easier to retrieve. However, if the sock gets wet in heavy rain, it doesn't allow the air inside it to escape so the thing inflate like, well you get the picture:

Graham lowering the inflated sock

.... and attempting to expel the air to get it back into the sail bag
Apart from this brief difficulty, we had a good sail and are delighted that the sun is out and that the forecast is for good weather and settled condition over the Christmas period. We're heading over to Waiheke Island and are looking forward to catching up with friends Trish & Ian there.

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