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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Another bloody gale

Grrr. Getting very bored with the terrible weather. We've just had one gale (with copious amounts of rain over the past 36 hours) and the next one is all lined up to whack us tomorrow! The yellow blob in the low pressure circle is yet more rain. We've been trapped aboard on the mooring all day as there's a fair-sized set of waves that would soak us if we tried to dinghy ashore. 

Yesterday we had to go and help secure a large catamaran that was dragging its anchor towards other moored boats. Luckily a Kiwi sailor from one of the neighbouring yachts came to help and we managed to get a line onto an empty mooring buoy to stop it going any further. You'd hope such a charitable act would be rewarded by a ray of sunshine or at least a cessation of the rain but, no, we were were given two minor disasters in return: the hand-held vhf radio somehow slithered out of the pocket of Graham's foulie jacket, bounced on the deck and promptly fell into the water and sank and then we remembered we'd just put some bread in the oven when we spotted the boat dragging. By the time we got back to Maunie, the rolls were cinders. Rats.

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