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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Tonga to Fiji Day 2

Position at 02.00 UTC, Wednesday 25th June:
18 deg, 02.37 mins south
176 deg 52.87 mins west
239 miles to run
Our first night at sea wasn't brilliant – lots of rain squalls showing as bright orange splodges on the radar so we did our best to slalom between them. It was, and remains, pretty rolly with the wind directly behind us but at least today we have some sunshine and we're currently making very good progress (over 7 knots) with the Parasailor up. Actually we're going too fast, so will drop it in an hour and then run under just a foresail so as to arrive at the first of the Lau Group islands (the eastern side of the Fiji group) at dawn tomorrow as they don't have any lighthouses and we should be in harbour 24 hours later.
All's well aboard Maunie and we had a brief chat on the radio with Stormvogel – Peter was in very good spirits and looking forward to arriving in Australia – they were 400 miles from Cairns.
That's about it from us at the moment – we're both tired as is usual for the start of a passage but otherwise very well. Would prefer to be watching Wimbledon, though!

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