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Friday, 27 June 2014

Photos from Savusavu

Our last boat had a 'clinometer'  mounted on the forward bulkhead - basically a little device that told us how far we were heeling over. Maunie doesn't have one but instead we have Glastonbury Ted.

GT, as he's known, wears various bandanas and neckties made of Galstonbury Festival wristbands, and he acts as an alternative clinometer. If he's upright, all's good, if he does a nose-plant then we're heeling over a lot!

Upright and happy

Heading for a big roll
Nose-plant! The crew are holding on.

We've enjoyed our first evening in Savusavu with a glass of wine in the cockpit as the sun set. 

Today we'll explore the local market to get some fresh fruit and veg and we'll be here for a few days to get our bearings. So far our impressions of Fiji are very positive - the quanantine and customs officials were extremely friendly and welcoming and the small town seems to be busy. After Neiafu it's positively a thriving metropolis and the cars and trucks are definitely better!

Finally, here's the picture of the Windpilot breakage:

a 24mm diameter stainless steel shaft snapped cleanly across

The German makers have already had another boat report an identical failure so have done a re-design and will send us new parts in the next few weeks.

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