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Monday, 23 June 2014

Good news from Stormvogel

After an anxious night waiting for news we were very relieved to hear Peter on the SSB net this morning. The team at MRCC Australia (Marine Rescue Coordination Centre) had asked a cargo ship to divert to their position and some wood and two bags of concrete were transferred across to Stormvogel – we presume that they poured concrete into the small bilge section around the centreboard axle to seal it.
Anyway Peter sounded very relieved and happy to be sailing again in what he described as 'great sailing conditions'. One of the other German boats, Voyager, said on the net, "So it's really a good idea to sail with other boats." to which Peter replied drily, "Yes, especially if your boat is called Stormvogel!".
No doubt they'll update their blog www.wiedekamm.com once they've caught up with some sleep.
Meanwhile, we've had a hot and busy morning running around all the various offices to clear out of Tongan waters and are about to set sail )11.30am local time. The forecast looks ok – a bit gentle and variable today then 12-15 knots south-easterlies so we hope to be able to get the Parasailor flying.
We will post a quick update tomorrow.

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