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Monday, 5 May 2014

NZ to Tonga Day 7 - Sleep at Last!

Position at 21.30 UTC Monday 5th May: 24 deg 15 min south, 176 deg 59 min west
All's well aboard Maunie and, finally, exhaustion has led us both to better sleep off watch so we're feeling a bit brighter than we were yesterday. We've had a good sailing wind all night though it's taken us a while to get the sails balanced so that Winnie can steer without the need for regular human help.
We're now less that 300 miles from our destination so hopefully just 2 more nights at sea before we arrive on Thursday, as long as the wind stays with us. We've been looking at our paper chart of the Ha'apai islands of Tonga and, though it was printed only 3 years ago, it looks like a museum-piece. It was surveyed by Captain A. Mostyn Field, RN, aboard the H.M. Surveying Ship Penguin in 1898! So the depths are in fathoms (6 feet) and the chance of any accurate alignment with modern GPS is remote to say the least so needless to say we'll be approaching the area with very great caution.

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