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Friday, 16 May 2014

Moving up to Vava'u

The weather forecast for this weekend looks as though it might be a bit challenging.There's a 'convergence zone' low pressure system heading right for us which will bring lots of rain and, possibly, some very heavy rain squalls.

So we set sail from Ha'apai (where sheltered anchorages are few and far between if the wind goes around to the north or west) last night and had a brilliant sail up to Neiafu in Vava'u. We were here last October and the main anchorage is very well sheltered so it's nice to be back. Compared to Ha'apai, Neiafu is a bustling metropolis (which we thought very basic last year so it just goes to show your viewpoint is based on the last port!) so plenty of options to eat out and to take a large sack of laundry ashore! Interestingly our friends of Kiapa who cleared in at the capital in Tongatapu are also heading here to avoid the bad weather so  it'll be good to see them.

The plan now is to spend a few days sitting out the weather (and rig water-catchers to take advantage of the rain) and then we'll head back to Ha'apai to continue our explorations. 

Photos to follow.

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