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Monday, 12 May 2014

A few photos from Cyclone-torn Pangai

We've spent a couple of days exploring Pangai and the neighbouring island of Uoleva. Here are some photos (if the very shaky wifi in Mariners' Cafe works!).

The fish market, its roof peeled off

A new hardware store with the flattened remains of a house in front of it

After 4 months, there are still families living in emergency-relief tents

The well-funded (and  tructurally sound) Mormon Church survived the storm and was a place of refuge for many villagers at its height.

The  Methodist Church wasn't so lucky 
One of the many fishing boats wrecked
This morning we spent a fascinating 2 hours interviewing the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Fisheries on the island who sees the cyclone (and the aid that has followed) as an opportunity to revolutionise a previously very small scale agriculture system on the islands. He's led the drive to adopt organic systems. Graham hopes to get some interest for a newspaper article (watch this space!).

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