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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Flying the flag and racing against an Americas Cup yacht

We had a great day-sail today with Auckland friends Tony and Claire aboard. It started with us fulfilling an ambition to sail under the Auckland Harbour Bridge with the Yeo Valley spinnaker flying:

As we sailed out into the Hauraki Gulf we spotted the iconic shape of an Americas Cup Yacht ahead of us. Now, whenever two boats are sailing in the same direction it always becomes a race so we gave chase, trimming the Parasailor within an inch of its life:

Target identified, full speed ahead
Getting closer
Almost there! The motor yacht coming the other way is Tom Cruise's, by the way (complete with helicopter on the stern and lots of boys' toys in the hanger)
Passed 'em! The camera never lies - though the order of photo's might not be quite right!
The professional crew on the AC yacht were very intrigued by our Parasailor - so much so that they came very close!

After all this sailing excitement we anchored for lunch and had a lovely sail back into Westhaven Marina

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