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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Birthday & New Year

On the subject of birthdays, a very big thank you from Dianne to all those lovely people who sent e mail greetings!
As we celebrate the arrival of 2014 first here in NZ, in the fabulous (or should we say awesome?!) city of Auckland we would like to wish everybody a very happy new year.
Blog fact:  Auckland, according to our great friend and top blog follower, Simon Raine, is named after his home town of West Auckland in the North East of England. (If you'd like any further Auckland-related facts, please e mail us and we'll put you in touch as he can go on for hours!)
Our celebrations this evening (photos to follow) included sun-downer drinks with Regina and Michael from Anico and then a fabulous Japanese meal at Daikoku. Back on Maunie, the fireworks from the centre of Auckland surround us- perfect!

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  1. How very dare you Captain Pugwash.......although....guilty as charged! Would love to bore your other blogophiles with more interesting facts from SW Durham. Anytime! And happy belated birthday Di! Just off to lash down the greenhouse before the next breeze blasts through! Happy New Year!