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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Rolling our way toTonga

We said a fond farewell to Niue yesterday after ten wonderful days there. The process of checking out with Customs and Immigration typified the friendly approach of the people there: the Customs officer apologised that he had no transport so couldn't come to us so could we manage to come to his office at the airport please? Now this is a 5km journey and we didn't relish the prospect of a hot walk but Ira at the Yacht Club came to our rescue: "There's a blue car outside, it belongs to a friend of mine. Just take that." 15 minutes later we were back with the important clearance form and our stamped passports.
The passage so far has been uncomfortably rolly. The easterly trade winds have been blowing at about 20 knots for the past two weeks so whilst we've been at a nicely sheltered mooring, the swell out at sea has built up to about 3 metres and were certainly feeling it. However we are making good speed (almost too good, actually, as we've had to reef down so slow our progress a little to avoid arriving at night. We should arrive in Vava'u, in the Kingdom of Tonga in about 24 hours time. We'll be glad to find flat water again!

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