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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Niue above and below water - Wow!

Small photos aren't going to do this place justice but at least you'll get an idea! As well as a couple of days touring by car, Graham also did two dives off the SW corner of the island and had his best diving experience so far (and, yes, he's feeling very privileged to have dived in some pretty amazing places.

The above-water tour has some well sign-posted viewing points and trails:

Huge swell breaking on the SE coast - we were glad not to be at sea!

Below: more sheltered routes to coves and beaches:

Excellent signage at the start of the trails; there were good toilets and showers at all of the swimming coves

Exploring caves

The wifi connection here is terribly slow so we won't tempt fate by trying to add more photos just now - hope to add some from Graham's dive later!

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