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Friday, 29 March 2013

Graham bags an island

The San Blas islands are absolutely amazing and the Kuna people a really independent race. Yesterday we walked around one of the bigger islands
(about half a mile across, with a few shacks) and there was an old chap sitting in his dugout canoe on the beach mending his fishing lines. In Graham's best (terrible) Spanish we exchanged greetings, shook hands and discovered that his boat, which looked like it was built hundreds of years ago, was only about ten years old. In contrast, further along the beach was a shack with a family making and selling molas embroideries - the daughter (in her late teens) spoke a few words of English and, having ascertained that our boats were anchored within sight, handed us her mobile phone and charger with a request for an overnight re-charge! The traditional molas have also joined the computer age here as they buy neoprene zip-top computer cases on the mainland and sew their molas onto the front.
We are anchored safely behind a reef which stops the swell but gives us a nice cooling breeze across the deck. All around are proper desert islands so Graham bagged one yesterday that we all liked the look of. Admittedly its development opportunities are limited and, with global warming it'll probably disappear all together very soon, but for the moment it's Graham Island and we'll be back to hoist a flag on the solitary palm tree later.
Today is Graham's birthday so we hope to do a beach bbq this evening if we can find a local fisherman to supply the key ingredients. A pretty memorable spot to celebrate a birthday and we'll be snorkelling the clear water later this afternoon.

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