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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Diving and snorkeling the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

We spent our last morning in Port Louis on an underwater adventure - we signed up for a dive / snorkel around the coast at the Underwater Sculpture Park. It's absolutely fantastic - have a look at the website

Dianne was able to snorkel and look down on Graham and divemaster Ron diving around the sculptures below her. The park was teaming with fish though the first dive on a reef about a mile to the north was really spectacular from a wildlife point of view and Di was able to snorkel the shallow reef whilst Graham dived to around 50ft. The snorkeling was probably just as spectacular, if not more so, as the colours darken very quickly as you dive deeper.

Here are a few photos (from Google so they are a bit low-res) to give you an idea - we loved it!

We have now moved around to the south coast of the island to a very sheltered anchorage called Prickly Bay. The excellent De Big Fish restaurant (no prizes for guessing their speciality) provided a great supper last night and so we're back for roti lunch! We'll do a tour of the island in the next couple of days (the rainforest and waterfalls are spectacular) and then do some serious food shopping in readiness for our next voyage. After all the relaxed cruising we have to get ourselves back into the mindset of long-distance passage-making so we're working through the boat to make sure everything's in order - our very expensive dyneema (a non-stretch Kevlar rope) halyard that keeps the foresail hauled up and tensioned was showing signs of chafe so the sailmakers / riggers have it to repair.


  1. GREAT - you both did it :-)

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