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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Blue Water, Boats and Bird-life in Bonaire

Here are a few photos from Bonaire (if the very slow wifi will cope!). Today we walked around town and north past all the moored yachts; our original plan to hire bikes was thwarted by the very special business hours the hire place keeps but hopefully we'll do that on Thursday. Meanwhile we've booked a dive and snorkel tomorrow afternoon. Mind you, just snorkeling around Maunie is pretty special - lots of tropical fish and the sea goes very dark just behind her as the depth plummets very quickly.

Maunie and Stormvogel moored off the beach

There is a lot of interesting widlife here - on our walk we came across some huge brightly coloured lizards, Egrets (we've had a few), a Pelican and various Waders and Terns.

Down at the salt flats to the south there are Pink Flamingos so we can't wait to see them.

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