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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

As far south as it's possible to go

After a great week in Hobart we set off to find some more remote bits of Tasmania; it's not a difficult task. Having sailed south down the D'entrecasteaux Channel (named after the French Admiral Bruny D'entrecasteaux, who discovered the place, by accident, when a storm blew his two ships off course in 1792), we came to Recherche Bay (named after one of his ships) to find ourselves, literally, at the end of the road. This is the furthest south that you can drive on Australian soil and the shoreline around the anchorage was pretty dramatic under leaden skies - it's been a cold and rainy few days.

A brief walk to get these photos was followed by a longer hike to South East Cape, the very bottom corner of Tasmania. After that, Antarctica lies only 1100 miles away and made its presence felt by sending icy winds northwards towards us. Photos of that dramatic coastline to follow.....

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