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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Photo update No 4 - The Tanna Volcano

The Mount Yasur volcano is a brilliant source of income for the villagers who live at its foot; they charge 7,500VT per person (about £48) but put on a couple of traditional dances and provide guides who give visitors a thorough safety briefing. The briefing goes something like:

Rule 1: Your safety is our number one priority (nice, but doesn't go into any details!)

Rule 2: Stay with your guides (ok, we'll curb the desire to go wandering off towards the hot bit)

Rule 3: In the event of an explosion, don't run. We need to assess the situation (note the absence of the word 'unlikely' before 'explosion'. What would they assess, exactly, anyway, the number of casualties?)

So dance and safety briefing completed, we set off up a very steep and bumpy track in the 4x4s and then climbed up to the rim of the volcano. Here are some photos:

The dance in traditional dress

Driving up to the volcano

Slightly worried selfie

The path along the rim - note the absence of safety rails!

First sight of the lava 

The smallest of the four blow-holes fires up a roman candle

The fireworks get better as darkness falls
It was an absolutely amazing experience, though the grit and ash and suffocating gas at one section of the rim wasn't a lot of fun for a while! We were glad to return to the safety of the boat in a very calm Port Resolution.

The local fishing fleet of dugout canoes

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