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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Photo update No 2 - Aneityum

Aneitum is a beautiful island, densely wooded and with streams and rivers flowing down from its peaks. There are several villages around the shoreline but Anelcauhat, where we anchored, is the biggest (about 500 people) with a primary and a secondary school and three churches.
Beach front residence with personal watercraft

Sandy beaches ....

... and black volcanic rocks

The inter-island plane arrives at the grass airstrip - passengers still dress up for flights here!
Aboard a longboat for the start of a coastal hike

Traditional houses

Chris, our guide

The view from the highest section of the walk

Back at sea level 
Refreshment break

A swim for some 
Chris on our dinghy, looking for turtles

Found one!

Laura a bit unsure of the ethics of grabbing wild animals from their habitat!


One of the many species of reef fish - this is a Honeycomb Grouper - Epinephelus merra (Laura is teaching us things!)

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