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Saturday, 30 April 2016

It's a Superpod!!

Our new resident marine biologist has been enjoying the many sightings of Blue Penguins over the past few days but we've known that she's really been hoping for something slightly bigger in the water. Laura has sailed with us for many years and it has become almost embarrassing that we never seem to spot dolphins when she's aboard but we were delighted to say that this wasn't a problem on today's 74nm sail from Great Barrier Island to Whangaruru Harbour.

We had to make sure Laura was clipped on in her excitement

It was great to have some expertise on board so we learnt that we were in the company of Common Dolphins who normally travel in pods of maybe 8 or 9 females or 3 or 4 males. We we lost count at nearly one hundred, all around us with thirty or so taking it in turns to play in Maunie's bow wave. Such a gathering of pods is known as a Superpod so we were very lucky to be part of it. 

A dolphin scrum under the bow

We love the bubbles on the nearest dolphin

More players surf down our wake

Creating its own wake
Laura will add her own take on the experience on her blog in the next day or so.

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