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Friday, 29 April 2016

I name this ship...

The new dinghy has been launched and we're very pleased with it....

Following the wonderful story of the British Research Council, who recently opened up an online competition to choose a name for its multi-million pound Antarctic research ship only to have the name Boaty McBoatface gain the vast majority of votes, it has now become known as Dinghy McDingface or DMD for short.

DMD provided us with the means to enjoy a return visit to the lovely Man O' War winery on the east side of Waiheke. Last time we were here, with Barbara, Steve and Amy just before Christmas, it was a rather chilly day but this time we enjoyed brilliant warm sunshine for our lunch out in the garden.

A delicious lunch

We have since sailed over to Great Barrier Island, taking advantage of the settled weather and the out-of-season peace in the often-busy anchorages. The southerly winds will swing round to northerlies on Sunday so it looks as though we'll have a 4.00am start tomorrow to head back up to Opua; so it's not all wine and cheese..

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